How to brew coffee in an aeropress

The Aeropress is the brainchild of Aerobie, manufacturers of the Aerobie flying ring. It is a super versatile and portable way to brew a delicious single cup of coffee. Its lightweight, requires no electricity – all you need is access to hot water and some ground coffee to produce a great cup anywhere.

The AeroPress’ relatively youthful status in the lineage of coffee brewers means recipes on how best to brew are constantly in the making—and inventing your own may be just as good as following an existing method. To this end, the World Aeropress Championship was established in 2008 in in Norway to celebrate the versatile brewer and those who can brew most inventively —a niche sector, to say the least.

What You’ll Need:
filtered water, coffee, AeroPress, AeroPress paper filters, paddle or spoon, scales & a timer.

Coffee dose: 14 grams or approximately 2 heaped tablespoons

Water dose: 230ml

What To Do:
Step 1:
Place a paper filter in the black plastic cap and wet it with hot water to rinse out any taste of bleach or paper that may influence the flavour of your coffee. Then screw this onto the bottom of your Aeropress.

Step 2:
Put your water on to boil and then grind your coffee. Your going to want to aim for a similar grind as a V60, quite a bit finer than a french press but slightly coarser than a pourover due to the immersive nature of the method.  Place the Aeropress upside down with the plunger extended to the “4” marking on top of an empty cup and pour coffee into the bottom (on top of the dampened filter paper.)

Step 3:
Wait for water to cool down just a little off the boil—we’re aiming for 197-203° F (92-94 C), which can be achieved quickly by simply decanting the water into a measuring cup to measure out your 230 ml dose of water.

Step 4:
Pour the water on top of the coffee carefully, ensuring that you wet all of the grounds and try to agitate the brewing surface with your pour to encourage extraction. Start your timer. Once all of the water has been added, stir with your spoon or paddle (try to use a motion that you can replicate time and time again so that you can keep your extraction percentage even. The point of stirring is to ensure that all of the coffee grounds are saturated but stir too much and you will encourage over extraction and bitter notes in the finished cup.)

Step 5:
Wait until the timer reads around 1:15-1:30. You don’t want it to leave it too long as bitter notes will start to develop. Whilst you are waiting, place the bottom of the Aeropress on top of the brew and make sure its secure,

Step 6:

When you have reached your desired brewing time, you need to firmly press down on the top of the Aeropress and it will start to strain the coffee into the cup. Make sure you have a firm grip on the bottom of the device as you will need to apply some pressure and you don’t want it to slide out from under you. Once you hear the air starting to escape from the chamber (a hissing noise), all the coffee should be out and you can carefully remove the Aeropress from the cup – where you will have a deliciously fresh brew waiting to be enjoyed!

Step 7: The beauty of the Aeropress is how easy it is to clean. Simply remove the black filter cap and empty the coffee and paper filter into the bin, then push the end of the Aeropress back through so that any remaining coffee left in the device goes straight into the bin and then rinse the end and leave to try! The suction of the brewing will have done the rest for you so you can sit down and enjoy your coffee 🙂