Press X Fortitude Bakehouse // New Cake Supplier

We have a new and very exciting development at Press Coffee that we can’t wait to share; We have partnered with Fortitude Bakehouse – based behind Russell Square station – a revolutionary concept launched by Dee Rettali and Jorge Fernandez, using fermentation to produce sourdough cakes which are out of this world.

We have introduced their amazing loaf cakes, muffins and cookies to all Press Coffee Sites so you can find and enjoy a selection of seasonal artisanal produce from Fortitude Bakery across London. Their approach to baking which includes three day fermentation of the dough’s they use to make their loafs and muffins, produces cakes with a much lower sugar content of around 15-30% compared to traditional methods which are usually 60% and above. Our favorites are the Banana Sourdough Loaf the Breton Butter Biscuits!

Currently in-store;

  • Orange and almond loaf
  • Banana Sourdough loaf
  • Breton-butter biscuits
  • Bitter chocolate cookies
  • Rose water, date & chocolate squares
  • Lumberjack bars
  • Banana and bilberry sourdough muffins
  • Chocolate sourdough muffins
  • Tomato galettes


Availability will vary across sites and be dependent on seasonality. One of the things we loved about Fortitude is that they adapt their menu seasonally so every couple of months there will be new and exciting things to try.

All of the ingredients they use at Fortitude are biodynamic and organic which means they are sourced with a holistic, ecological and ethical approach. It’s easy to forget and take for granted all of the processes that go behind creating delicious cakes – just the same as it is with coffee. The precision and attention that Dee and Jorge put into all of the ingredients and processes is truly admirable.

We are so excited to be working with such a forward thinking, craft bake house with a highly attuned attention to detail we can relate to. At Press we love finding like-minded companies to partner with; small, local and ethical businesses who share our passion for café culture and are constantly pursuing innovation. Fortitude ticks all of these boxes and more; we love their approach to trade and partnership as well as the baked goods. Come and visit us and give them a try! We are sure you are going to love them as much as we do.



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