Press Coffee Roasters


We have been serving great coffee since 2013 in our six locations across London, and last year begun to source and roast our own from specially selected green importers. We have developed a range of seasonal espresso and single origin microlots, with a focus on sourcing from some of the most exciting and progressive coffee producing regions.

Our approach to roasting is to achieve optimum balance and flavour by fine tuning each roasting profile according to the qualities of each individual coffee. A combination of science and sensory experience allows us to develop profiles that bring out the best of each coffee we work with.

At Press, we understand first hand the challenges that cafès face and aim to provide our wholesale affiliates with the support and expertise we have developed through our own experiences. We can offer business & social media consultancy as well as tailored training programs for all of our customers.

We would love to hear from you, if you are interested in working with us, drop us a line at